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Our commitment to quality here at Tetelestai Bakery is paramount, and we are always seeking out the finest ingredients for our baked goods.  From local beekeepers, spice-makers, produce farms and beyond, we aim to use the best we can find. 

You can find just a few examples of this below:

LOCALLY-GROWN AND STONE-MILLED FLOUR  We proudly make every cookie that comes out of our kitchen (aside from our Gluten-Free varieties) with Hayden Flour Mills’ White Sonora Blend.  Hayden Flour Mills is a local operation in Queen Creek, AZ that partners with their neighbor, Sossaman Farms, to produce an incredible product from start to finish!  They take non-GMO ancient heritage grain grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or glyphosate, and grind it using a stone mill.  This process is much slower and small-batch than commercial steel milling but leaves the nutrients and all parts of the germ there for consumption.  Not only are we passionate about our community and keeping things local, but also about the quality of food we serve.  You will TASTE the difference.  Guaranteed.

PURE BUTTER You will NEVER find margarine or mystery ingredients in our doughs or batters.  Every product that is mixed up at our bakery (aside from our dairy-free or vegan cookies) is made with pure butter.

LOCAL PASTURE-RAISED EGGS If there’s one thing you will always find in our refrigerator at home, it is a carton (or two) of local pasture-raised eggs.  This is a choice for our family not only because of the superior nutrition profile and flavor of pasture-raised eggs, but we love knowing that the hens that produce them are living their best free-roaming life.  When it comes to choosing products for our bakery, our standards do not change.  We drive out weekly to a little family farm in San Tan Valley to pick up a fresh batch of eggs from happy, free chickens.

ORGANIC UNREFINED SUGAR Refined sugars are highly processed and often contain bone char or are comprised of beet sugar.  The sugars we use are 100% organic and are minimally processed pure cane sugar.

NATURAL FOOD DYES Say goodbye to petroleum-based food colors (so long, Red 40!) and say hello to real FOOD.  After extensive research and education, we became acutely aware of the harmful effects of artificial food dyes.  Our bakery makes a point to always create lots of colorful cookie options using entirely natural food dyes and sprinkles. 

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